A Detailed Look at Wrongful Death Lawsuit

As wrongful death happens due to the negligence or intentional act of another person, dealing with the lawsuit can be very challenging for the grieving family members. That is why having a reliable and qualified wrongful death attorney by your side is the most recommended way of approaching the case. Besides, a wrongful death [...]

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How to Proceed if You Were Involved in a Train Accident

Train accidents can be quite devastating, involving big damages to property as well as individuals. California State has strict laws to compensate for the losses in such an accident, but the laws regarding train accident can be a bit complex to understand at times.

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A Quick Look at Burglary Laws in California

The California law Penal Code 459 categorizes burglary into two types: first-degree burglary (in a residence) and second-degree burglary (in any structure that is not a residence). While first-degree burglary is charged as a felony always, second-degree burglary can be charged either as a felony or as a misdemeanor.

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A Quick Look at California Law on Shoving Someone Pt 2

The California Penal Code 242 for battery comes into play where there is unlawful and willful violence or force used against someone. Any physical contact can be considered battery when the intent is to harm the other person. Physical contact includes any use of objects to touch the other person, as well as touching [...]

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A Quick Look at California Law on Shoving Someone Pt 1

Something like shoving might not seem to be a big deal to you, but according to the California law, it is considered both an assault and a battery. As per California Penal Code 240 (assault) and California Penal Code 242 (battery), shoving someone is against the law. Shoving someone is considered to be an [...]

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Negotiating a Personal Injury Settlement in California Pt 2

Future economic losses are a little bit harder to determine. Each case is very different when it comes to future losses, as medical attention varies from person to person, even when the injury is similar. Having a medical profession testify for you at court can be extremely helpful in this case, as they are [...]

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Negotiating a Personal Injury Settlement in California Pt 1

Have you been hurt or injured because someone else was negligent? If so, you qualify for a personal injury claim. A personal injury claim will allow you to receive compensation for the losses you endured after the injury. Many cases are settled before trial because you can negotiate with the insurance provider for the [...]

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The Value of your Claim with Residual Injuries Pt 2

Records of your Injury It is very important to document all the injuries after the accident. Keep a record of the times you have seen your doctor; you might need it when it comes time to demonstrate the injuries for your claim. The first step of documenting is to write down what happened. If [...]

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